The Range of My Events

It's a wide range, from health and wellness to creativity and team building, from facing diversity issues to facing change.
But all my events have three things in common:

The first is an understanding that when people — individually or in a group — are overstressed, they (or the group) cannot do anything well!
Communication and creativity, ability to deal with change or to work as a team — all suffer in a overstressed environment, whether internal or interpersonal.

The second is an understanding that we all — from CEO to newest line level employee — can instantly use proven strategies to enhance our degree of mental focus.

The third is the use of the harmonica to provide a joyous, exciting, entertaining way to learn and practice superlatively effective focus enhancement and stress reduction strategies!

Please click on the link below for a pdf that explains some of the types of completely customized events that I've created for a variety of my clients, ranging from the FBI to groups of surgeons and operating room nurses, and from information giant Thomson Reuters to a city-wide Mental Health Service provider...

Types of Customized Presentations