Want to Hear Me Play Some Blues (and Rock n' Roll)?

Please click on the following mp3's if you'd like to hear me play a little...
Even when I am wearing my "cognitive science stress reduction hat," I try never to forget how much I love to play this simple but expressive little instrument.
It brings me much joy...

B.B. Kings Blues Club Beale Street, Memphis with Kent Suggs on Bass

An upbeat Country Blues:
©D.Harp Country Blues

A Slow Blues:
©D.Harp Slow Blues Short

Some fast Classic Rock:
©D.Harp Short Classic Rock

Some Fifties Style Rock:
©D.Harp Fifties Rock Short

Interested in getting instructions on playing in all of these styles?
My methods work, for players at all levels,
Just contact me...

All songs © David Harp, all rights reserved.